The Institute

Inception and Growth

The Vedas and the Puranas are the most precious and ancient treasure of the cultural heritage of India. They not only discuss the origin of the universe, its cosmology, its creator and the creation but they also deal at length with the philosophical questions relating to life and death that baffle human beings. The Vedic wisdom shows us the way to steer clear of the difficult situations in life and live a balanced life.

It was Pt. Madhusudan Ojha who delved deep into them and gave a scientific interpretation of the Vedic concepts. He wrote around 288 treatises on different concepts and left a legacy of vast scientific research. It was he who described the Vedic wisdom as science. The attention of Mr. Karpoor Chandra ‘Kulish’, the founder editor of Rajasthan Patrika, one of the largest circulated Hindi Dailies of India, was drawn to this fact by Pandit Moti Lal Shastri, the learned disciple of Pt. Madhusudan Ojha, who encouraged Mr. Kulish to carry forward this legacy.

Mr. Kulish discovered a great treasure in Pt. Ohja’s works. He undertook the most significant project of editing his treatises and carrying research into them. Under the leadership of Mr. Kulish 60 books on the various aspects of Vedic philosophy based on Pt. Ojha’s works were published by Rajasthan Patrika. He also serialized some highly profound research articles on the Vedic Philosophy in his esteemed Hindi Daily.

Later, Dr. Gulab Kothari, the Chief Editor of Rajasthan Patrika Group, who wanted to widen the work and ensure the continuity of the research his celebrated father had begun, founded Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Institute of Vedic Studies and Research (Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Vedic Adhyayan Evam Shodh Peeth Sansthan) six years ago. In such a short span the institute has not only been able to edit and publish some of Pt. Ojha’s important works both in Hindi and in English but it has also organized dialogues, seminars and conferences. Notable among them were two international colloquia that attracted about sixty overseas and eighty Indian scholars of repute. The Institute also plans to organize regular courses for both Indians and International aspirants. The course modules have already been prepared and have been given in this booklet. It also plans to launch International Summer School for Vedic Studies. The Institute is sponsored by Rajasthan Patrika Group.


The main aim of the Institute is to disseminate the Vedic wisdom worldwide. It not only shows us the way to live happily but also paves the way for healthier lifestyle and world peace.