Vedic Articles
  • Manakh bhelo manakh chopa bhelo chopo

    The wise can't be wise in fool's company

    - Marwari Saying

  • Every individual lives a life at four levels. These are body, intellect or Buddhi, mind and soul. They cannot be distinguished from one another in day-to-day conduct and action. They function in tandem. The mind and the soul also seem to function as one. The mind, which we treat as such with its trilateral existence, demonstrating the three aspects of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas is not the soul. The mind which we are aware of is the reflection of the basal mind, which is the imagereflected in the external mind. The inner mind is the soul. Since the inner being is the repository of bliss and Vigyan, we are aware of three levels only in our usual conduct and behaviour.

    The realm of the body and the mind is quite limited. The body does function under the guidance of the intellect, Still, the mind seeks to harness the body and the senses as the vehicles of its expression of desires and urges. The function of the body may be treated as sheer labour. When the body is chosen as the medium of expression of feelings etc. its effect is perceptible within its gamut to include the body of the second person.

    Intellect also limits its effect to intellect only. Its function is also limited to giving rise to an argument. An individual garbs his and the other’s content into logic. To demonstrate the factuality of his own premise, he sticks to his guns or assails other’s arguments. The man opposite him may not be convinced by sheer force of logic invented by pure reason. It may only add to the quantum of labour put into the effort. It may convert the whole thing into an ingenious work of art.

    The mind commandeers a vast area of effect. It needs no verbal commendation for its glory to be expressed. It deals with feelings and emotions. Whatever mind does, it does through the medium of emotions. These feelings and emotions outline and embellish the entire effort by virtue of their effect. Art and craft may be equated with the expression elaborated by the mind. It might be music or verses, dances or paintings, whatever the medium of expression might be. It has got to have a bearing on the mind provided there is a conglomeration of emotions there.

    If your mind is not associated with what you say, you will not be able to impress the man before you. Your dexterity will be of little avail in this regard. Your efforts will have little result. The higher the degree or proximity between the mind and your expression, the higher your impact on others. Wholeheartedness is the key to success in life.

    The human mind wants to ever retain blissfulness, piety and cheer. If we function without putting our heart into the effort, the whole endeavor is shorn of impact. A painting drawn with the entire self immersed in it will charm a man sitting thousands of miles away. Music that is inspired with one’s soul, overwhelms the listener. It is the mental message that affects a man far from us. The signal takes no time to reach the other end. Mute messages also reach their target in a jiffy.

    The mind is the crest of our lives. It is the identity of every individual. It encapsulates all our endeavors. This is the aim of our existence to keep it in good shape. The inner mind is in the closest proximity to God. It becomes one with the Lord. We have to tune it through our bodies and intellects. Since all these exist together, they should speak in one language. All the layers have to reconcile themselves to one another. People have become extra conscious of the body and the intellect today, while the mind is losing its strength gradually. Man is weakening his capacity to force his way through the trepidations of human life.

    Man has lost interest in education. This feeble mental state has become the symbol of developed countries. Man is prone to disintegrate at the least provocation. We seem to be moving in that direction.

    This calls for an immediate restoration of mental equilibrium. A disconcerted effort at different levels is fatal. It is the way to a collapse of human individuality. Life can look forward to a wholesome existence if we are integrated at all levels. This is the principle that inspires life with tranquility. This is the foundation of austerity and the essence of happiness.