Dr. Gulab Kothari, Chief Editor, Rajasthan Patrika Group, is one of the most celebrated and versatile journalists of India. He favours the journalism that promotes a general awareness of secularism and works for the regeneration of moral, social, cultural and spiritual values. His journalism and writings are an excellent example of positive outlook and holistic thinking. They reflect agony of change and transformation and provide new insights for a balanced life. Widely known for his classic MANAS, an analytical study of human mind from a Vedic perspective, he is a sensitive writer and profound scholar of Ved Vigyan. He has authored more than a dozen books in Hindi and English on various aspects of human life which reveal their subtleties.

Born on January 6, 1949 in a historic town - Malpura in Tonk district, Rajasthan, Gulab Kothari has evinced deep interest in folk arts and folk culture. He undertook a long journey into the distant villages and towns in Rajasthan and portrayed the varied hues of the folk culture.
He earned his Ph.D. Degree from the Intercultural Open University, the Netherlands in 1995. His thesis entitled ‘Newspaper Management’ has already been published and is being used as a reference work by the students of journalism in various universities of India. He was awarded D.Litt. in Philosophy by the same University in 2002 and his thesis has already been published with the title: ‘Body Mind Intellect’.

He has used his newspaper – Patrika successfully to create awareness among the masses about the depleting sources of drinking water and degradation of environmental and ecological harmony in Rajasthan. In response to his clarion call, thousands of people joined the campaign and restored dried water-sites, tanks and lakes. His newspaper’s campaign to save and harvest rain water has already gained momentum. When famine struck Rajasthan his call for donating a handful of grain inspired millions of people who generously contributed bags of grain which went a long way in saving many lives from starvation. When the nation was struck by calamities like Kargil War and Tsunami, Dr. Kothari mobilized people’s support through his paper and soothed the agonized state of the victims.

One significant aspect of the special editorials that he contributes to his paper from time to time is that they inspire individuals and communities to change their outlook on life and create communal harmony. His soul-stirring appeal in the form of a front-page editorial resulted in the joint celebration of Id and Diwali in Rajasthan, a feat otherwise impossible to achieve. Recently he has launched a novel campaign ‘Disha Bodh’ to orient and expose students to Indian cultural heritage and moral values. The huge impact of his appeals on their minds is evident from the presence of thousands of students in his rallies.

One unique feature of his journalistic mission is that of bridging the distance between himself and his readers by undertaking a direct dialogue with them. For this he visits various cities, organizes meetings of specially invited readers of Patrika, listens and shares his vision with them. Not only this, Patrika makes it a point to have their grievances addressed by appropriate authorities. Those who come for a dialogue with him go home thoroughly transformed. Dr. Kothari has already covered a major section of his readers. He is deeply committed to the cause of social awakening and is determined to persevere. He has also established Oki-Do India centre for global health based on Yoga, Meiso Shiatsu, meditation etc