The main aim of the Institute is to disseminate the Vedic wisdom worldwide. It not only shows us the way to live happily but also paves the way for universal peace. Though the rich legacy left by Pt Madhusudan Ojha in the form of the manuscripts of a large number of treatises on Ved Vigyan will be the basis of our research, the Institute will also cover the related areas of the Vedas and Upanishads. Our mission is to bring to light the eternal values enshrined in them so that people may be inspired to integrate them into their lifestyle and pave the way for a peaceful world. It plans to network with like-minded organizations scattered across the world and carry the message of the Gita and the Vedas beyond the frontiers.
The Institute will work relentlessly and strive to

  • carry research into the works of Pandit Madhusudan Ojha and related areas of the Vedas,
  • organize seminars, symposia and workshops both at national and international levels,
  • network with international organizations dedicated to oriental studies and heritage preservation working in different parts of the world,
  • establish formal relationship with UNESCO’S departments of culture and heritage and seek the help of the agency in publishing the studies on Vedas carried out by scholars under the auspices of this Institute,
  • promote the exchange of scholars and researchers with various universities abroad,
  • organize weekly, monthly and yearly courses to generate overseas students’ interest in the Vedic studies,
  • publish books and journals and create a standard library of Vedic literature at Jaipur,
  • contribute to popular journals on topics of relevance,
  • contribute to advancement of knowledge by offering fresh interpretation of ancient literature along the lines suggested by Pandit Madhusudan Ojha.