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Meet Our Esteemed Faculty Members


Dr. Gulab Kothari, Chief Editor, Rajasthan Patrika Group, is one of the most celebrated and versatile journalists of India. He favours the journalism that promotes a general awareness of secularism and works for the regeneration of moral, social, cultural and spiritual values. His journalism and writings are an excellent example of positive outlook and holistic thinking. They reflect agony of change and transformation and provide new insights for a balanced life. Widely known for his classic MANAS, an analytical study of human mind from a Vedic perspective, he is a sensitive writer and profound scholar of Ved Vigyan. He has authored more than a dozen books in Hindi and English on various aspects of human life which reveal their subtleties.

Born on January 6, 1949 in a historic town - Malpura in Tonk district, Rajasthan, Gulab Kothari has evinced deep interest in folk arts and folk culture. He undertook a long journey into the distant villages and towns in Rajasthan and por...
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Prof. Satya Vrat Shastri is a highly decorated Sanskrit scholar, writer grammarian and poet. He received early education under his father Shri Charu Deva Shastri. Then moved to Varanasi where he studi...
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Devarshi Kala Nath Shastry holds Masters Degree in English Linguistics and tutored in aesthetics of Sanskrit by renowned Sanskrit scholars like Bhatt Mathuranath Shastri, Pandit Giridhar Sharma Chatur...
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Dr. S.L. Gandhi has double Masters Degrees in English and Sociology, M.Phil. (ELT), Ph.D. from IOUF Universidad Azteca, Mexico and Universidad Central De Nicaragua. He taught English at Kendriya Vidya...
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Kaikash Chaturvedi holds double Masters Degree in Hindi and Sanskrit. He is also Acharya (Sahitya), Sahitya Ratna. He retired as the Director, Sanskrit Education, Rajasthan. Worked as a Professor &...
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Prof. Narendra Awasthi holds a Doctorate in Sanskrit and a B.Ed. too.  He is currently a Professor at Department of Sanskrit and Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Science, J.N. Vyas Univ...
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