Introduction to Ved Vigyan

Start Date - End Date

17 October 2016
18 October 2016

Event Location

Kesargarh, JLN Marg, Jaipur


+91 0141-3005546


M an has always been very intrigued about the beginning of his journey on this earth, about the creation of the universe. In this quest for answers scientists around the world are searching for that ‘God’s particle’ which they think is responsible for creating and controlling this entire world. But the answers to this modern day quest lies in our ancient wisdom of Vedas. What the modern day scientists call ‘God’s particle’ our Vedas had called it ‘Brahm Tatva’. Many scholars have done extensive research to unfold this mystery. One of these scholars was Pt. Madhusudan Ojha who gave a very scientific view point to Vedas. His vast and comprehensive research on Ved Vigyan is a subject of research in itself.

Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Vedic Adhyayana Evam Shodhpeeth Sansthan Jaipur is pleased to announce a two-day symposium on Introduction to Ved Vigyan.

Get an in-depth knowledge of Ved Vigyan from our eminent scholars and experts Prof. Gulab Kothari, Dr. SL Gandhi and Prof. Dayanand Bhargava through interactive informal and interesting sessions.

The TWO day symposium on Ved Vigyan will cover a range of topics like What is Ved Vigyan , What is the nature and complexities of the Universe, Purusharth Chatushattha.

All we need is you to be a graduate with an interest in Vedas.